Fields of the Nephilim 'Burning the Fields LP' RSD 2LP

FREUDLP142 mockup 2LP 225px

Fields of the Nephilim's two debut EPs - unavailable on vinyl for over 20 years, plus a bonus remixes & demos LP for the first time on vinyl - all remastered.  New notes and unseen photos by Mick Mercer. A limited edition in red vinyl for RECORD STORE DAY

This RSD album contains Fields of the Nephilim’s debut Burning the Fields EP together with their Returning to Gehenna EP, remastered and not on vinyl for over two decades, packaged in the original BTF red artwork.  The bonus disc is the first time on vinyl for 1985/86 remixes and demos, also remastered. 

The gatefold sleeve has new sleeve notes, contemporaneous interviews and unseen early photos by gothic commentator Mick Mercer.  A limited edition in a red sleeve, in transparent red vinyl.

A small amount of left-over copies are now available here.

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The Slits 'In the Beginning' - 2LP Anthology 1977-81

FREUDLP057 mockup 2LP 225px

The first time on vinyl for this complete 15-track live anthology album, covering their punk to dub eras.  It has three songs not recorded elsewhere, and guest vocals from Nina Hagen and Neneh Cherry. A gatefold sleeve with unseen photos and notes by Mick Mercer.  A limited edition in blue vinyl for RECORD STORE DAY

The Slits were known for their uncompromising attitude and confrontational music, first seen on their 1977 tour with The Clash.  To this day they are cited as being hugely inspiring to many female artists.  But even their seminal Island Records 1979 debut album ‘Cut’, with its infamous sleeve of the band members naked and caked in mud, does not capture the true energy and spontaneity as well as these live recordings do.

A small amount of left-over copies are now available here.

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UK Subs 'UK Subversives' (Fallout Singles Collection) 2LP

FALLLP063 mockup 2LP 225px

24 tracks released as singles over a 15-year period, the majority being non-album tracks.  A double-LP gatefold sleeve with a collage of all the band line-ups and members over the period.  A limited edition in transparent yellow vinyl.  RECORD STORE DAY UK

All the singles recorded for Fall Out Records/Jungle between 1983-98, most of which were non-album singles - 24 tracks from six singles & EPs compiled together for the first time. The sleeve art is from an unreleased single. Inside the gatefold are dozens of photos of the era's band line-ups.

The UK Subs have now completed their A-Z series of albums and 45 years of non-stop touring. This release preceded UK Subs celebrating Charlie Harper's 80th birthday at Shepherds Bush Empire in London on May 25th and the subsequent 6-date European tour: 27 May: Melkweg, Amsterdam, 28: Gleis22, Munster, 30 & 31: SO36, Berlin, 1 June: Fabrik, Hamburg, 2: ZAKK, Dusseldorf. 

Some 2LP final vinyl copies are on sale here.  Listen on digital services here.

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Play Dead 'John Peel Sessions at the BBC' LP

FREUDLP141 Play Dead John Peel Session at BBC mockup 225px cover LPPLAY DEAD release their three previously unreleased BBC John Peel sessions from 1982, 83 and ’84 in a limited-edition blue vinyl LP.  It features ten tracks, four of which were never recorded elsewhere and early versions of some of their most popular songs such as The Tenant and Propaganda.  

Between 1980-85 they grew into one of the UK’s leading post-punk bands with regular indie chart hits and a large loyal live following.  The Peel Sessions helped with their exposure alongside extensive gigging (with UK Decay, Sex Gang Children, Killing Joke, The Cult and more), subsequent headline tours in their own right and a live spot on the UK’s top music TV programme, The Tube.   Shop here: Browse Play Dead


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Geraint Watkins 'Mood Swings' 3CD box set

FREUDCD133 CLAMSHELL BOX RGB 225pixA 3 CD box set expanding the 2008 album In a Bad Mood with extra discs: In a Raw Mood – a previously unreleased demos album, and In a Good Mood – BBC sessions, live at Goldtop Studio, and additional studio tracks. Notes by former Mojo editor Mat Snow in a 20-page booklet.  Order here

The much-admired In a Bad Mood album led to Geraint Watkins' performance on BBCTV’s Later… with Jools Holland programme and numerous radio sessions, some of which are included in this box set.

After art school, the Welshman from Balham had a rock’n’roll apprenticeship in Red Beans & Rice, Geraint Watkins & the Dominators, the Balham Alligators and then in Shakin’ Stevens and Dave Edmunds bands. He soon became much in demand enhancing recordings by artists such as Van Morrison, Paul McCartney, Nick Lowe, Status Quo, Rory Gallagher, Bill Wyman, Willie & the Poor Boys, Graham Parker, Roger Daltrey - and many others of that ilk.

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Action Pact 'Drowning Out the Big Jets' BBC Sessions '82-83 LP

FALLLP062 cover LP Mock Up 225px

Action Pact 'Drowning Out the Big Jets (BBC Radio Sessions 1982-83)' - two John Peel Sessions and a David Jensen session released for the first time.  Sixteen tracks, on limited edition red vinyl.  Includes an inner bag with notes, interviews and photos by Mick Mercer.  Order here for the UK

Action Pact were a punk rock band from Stanwell, a small isolated village nestled right under the flight-path of London Heathrow Airport – inspiring the song this album takes for its title. Formed in 1981 with guitarist Wild Planet, bassist Dr. Phibes, and then 15-year-olds drummer Joe Fungus and singer George Cheex, who got the job because of "her courage to scream along with the band".

Both George and Joe were still attending school when the Heathrow Touchdown EP was released in October, 1981. The band got the attention of BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel. He played the single many times and booked them for their first radio session, which they recorded in February 1982.

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Hillbilly Moon Explosion 'My Love For Evermore' 7" no.9

AU7945006 7INCH 225pix 9The Hillbilly Moon Explosion ‘My Love For Evermore’ feat. ‘Sparky’ Phillips 7”

A viral phenomenon reissued on vinyl, for the occasion of the very first time The Hillbilly Moon Explosion share a UK stage with Sparky Phillips and Demented Are Go.

After 23 million YouTube views, multitudes of tattoos, dozens of cover versions, eight sold-out 7” pressings, comes this NINTH vinyl version – the first in black. All spread by word of mouth, click of mouse and without radio play.

This entrancing romantic love song (murder ballad?), with guest vocalist Sparky Phillips of Demented Are Go counterpointing HME’s Emanuela Hutter, hits the sweet spot for obsessive lovers.  Order the 7" here

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Johnny Thunders In Cold Blood by Nina Antonia - new edition

Jawbone Johnny Thunders In Cold Blood cover 225px Final Johnny Thunders: In Cold Blood.  The Official Biography by Nina Antonia: Revised & Updated Edition

A brand-new edition of a classic of rock’n’roll literature—the official biography of legendary New York Dolls and Heartbreakers guitarist Johnny Thunders. Revised, updated, and republished to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Dolls’ landmark debut album, in the week of what would have been Johnny’s 71st birthday. 

SIGNED copies by the author of both English and Japanese editions are on pre-order here

"A cautionary tale about creating a myth and living it out on behalf of others. All the glory and sadness of Johnny Thunders’ short life is in this book. God bless him." BOBBY GILLESPIE

"In Cold Blood. The title says it all. Johnny Thunders inspired us in many ways—not all good, as any band member with junkie business at hand can attest—but his carefully attended elegance of dress, the way he commanded the stage, his sensitive songwriting, and most of all his reckless guitar playing (in defiance of his gentle personality) lives on in the heart of every guitar hero and rock fan." CHRISSIE HYNDE 

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The March Violets 'Made Glorious' RSD vinyl

FREUDLP140 cover LP purple mockup 225pxTHE MARCH VIOLETS ‘Made Glorious’ The March Violets ‘difficult’ debut album is now on vinyl for the first time and on CD with wider distribution - on the eve of their 2023 tour.

Coming to prominence in the 1980’s, the band’s six indie singles made a big impact on the indie chart, and were a prelude to the major-label deal. The singles were compiled for successful UK and USA albums – but the album they threatened never appeared.

Twenty-five years later, original band-members reconvened for tours of the UK and USA. A single and video of Dandelion King was issued in 2011. Unfinished business included an album, and Made Glorious was given a release in 2013. However, DIY economics and events intervened to make it a restricted, limited Pledge Music CD album, much to the disappointment of many.

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Geraint Watkins 'In a Bad Mood' + 'In a Raw Mood' RSD vinyl

FREUDLP133 Geraint Watkins cover LP red n clear vinyl mockup 225pxThe first time on vinyl for 2008’s ‘In a Bad Mood’ from the acclaimed songwriter, plus a previously unreleased album of demos: 'In a Raw Mood'. A limited edition in red and milky vinyl in a gatefold sleeve 

This much-admired album led to Geraint Watkins' performance on the BBCTV Later with Jools Holland programme and numerous radio sessions. The Welshman from Balham had an early rock’n’roll apprenticeship in Red Beans & Rice, Geraint Watkins & the Dominators, the Balham Alligators and on Shakin’ Stevens' series of hits.

These led him to becoming much in demand enhancing artists such as Van Morrison, Paul McCartney, Nick Lowe, Status Quo, Dave Edmunds, Bill Wyman, Roger Daltrey and many others of that ilk.  But then...

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The Adicts 'Fifth Overture' RSD vinyl

FALLLP042 cover LP yellow mockup 225px

Record Store Day 2023: limited edition yellow vinyl of The Adicts’ fourth studio album (copies now available here). The very first time on vinyl since the 1980’s, now with a new inner bag and previously unseen colour photos.

The Adicts emerged from Ipswich on the east coast of England, dressed in white in an amalgam of The Joker and Clockwork Orange imagery. After their breakthrough debut 'Songs of Praise' on Dwed / Fall Out Records, their next two LPs had made a big impact in the UK, with singles entering the national charts on Sire Records – who insisted they change their name to ADX.

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Play Dead 'The Collection' LP & CD

FREUDLP137 cover LP blue mock-up

Play Dead release a career-spanning anthology. A limited-edition blue vinyl LP with ten of their most essential tracks; and a digipak CD expanded to sixteen tracks.

Between 1980-1985 they grew into one of the UK’s leading post-punk bands with regular indie chart hits and a dedicated live following.

The band formed in Banbury, Oxfordshire in 1980 with vocalist Robert Hickson, guitarist Re Vox (aka Barry Turnbull), bassist Peter Waddleton and Mark Smith (aka ‘Wiff’) on drums. After a couple of 1981 singles on Fresh Records the band toured with UK Decay and were invited for the first of three John Peel Sessions in early 1982. By then Steve Green had replaced Re on guitar with their line-up remaining stable thereafter. They released their ‘Single of the Week’ Propaganda on Jungle in 1982.

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The March Violets 'Walk into the Sun' 7" version

The March Violets - Walk Into the Sun 7"

The March Violets number one indie-chart hit Walk into the Sun is re-released digitally on October 7.  It’s the first time it’s been heard in its 7” version since its 1984 summit.  The single entered the indie charts on August 4 1984, went to the number one position and then stayed in the charts for 35 weeks.                                        

Since then only the extended club mix has been on CD and digital streaming.  Now the concise, radio-friendly classic is at your finger-tips.  Click here and pre-save it to your collection.  

Walk into the Sun followed up the number two indie-chart hit Snake Dance.  It preceded another number two single, Deep - similarly unavailable, except in two versions featuring unheard Si Denbigh vocals on the recent BBC sessions Big Soul Kiss 2LP. 

All The March Violets indie singles and more are now compiled on Play Loud Play Purple, a double-vinyl purple LP pre-selling here.  Also on the 5xCD box set The Palace of Infinite Darkness with much more, available here

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The March Violets 'The Palace of Infinite Darkness' 5CD set

March Violets the Palace of Infinite Darkness

THE MARCH VIOLETS release a 5CD box set, 'The Palace of Infinite Darkness'.  Order it here.

Despite the band never recording a whole album in the 80’s, a wealth of material has been discovered.

In addition to a full CD of their singles (also issued as Play Loud Play Purple on 2LP purple vinyl) and another CD of extended versions, the box includes six excellent sessions recorded for the BBC (also reissued as Big Soul Kiss 2LP yellow vinyl after a sold-out RSD release). Then there are two whole discs of unreleased sessions – one from the early period 1982-84, and one from the later period 1985-87 - the band have uncovered numerous sessions that have never been heard.

This box set chronicles their development with lead singers Simon Denbigh, Rosie Garland and Cleo Murray, backed by bassist Lawrence Elliot and guitarist Tom Ashton.

LATEST NEWS!  The band have announced a reunion for tours and new recordings in 2023/24.  At their new website and a new Facebook page.

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The March Violets 'Big Soul Kiss - BBC Sessions' ltd yellow vinyl 2LP

March Violets Big Soul Kiss FREUDLP132Y cover LPx2 225px

THE MARCH VIOLETS ‘Big Soul Kiss’ – the BBC Recordings 180g 2xLP

Order here, released September 2022

Listen now on digital services, here

Reissue of the sold-out Record Store Day 2LP – this time on limited Citrine Yellow 180g vinyl. Twenty-three tracks recorded for John Peel and others – including nine unreleased songs.  The collection also features alternative versions of their indie chart-toppers Snake Dance, Walk into the Sun - and Deep with Simon D's previously unheard vocals.

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The March Violets 'Play Loud Play Purple' ltd ed 2LP

FREUDLP136 cover 2xLP Mockup 225px

THE MARCH VIOLETS ‘Play Loud Play Purple’ 2xLP

Order now - released October 21 2022

The Complete Singles 1982 – 85 & More, on limited purple vinyl gatefold LP.  Includes their indie chart-toppers Snake Dance, Deep and Walk into the Sun 7” versions. Twenty-two tracks – all their 1980’s repertoire plus three highlights from this century

THE MARCH VIOLETS came out of Leeds in the early 80’s, label-mates of Sisters of Mercy. Releasing six singles, they were a constant presence in the UK indie charts: Religious as Hell, Grooving in Green, Crow Baby and hitting the top two spots with Snakedance, Deep and #1 with Walk Into The Sun.  This is the first time Deep and the 7" version of Walk Into the Sun have been made available since then.  The band didn't get around to recording a full album – both their '80's long-players, Natural History in the UK and Electric Shades in the USA, were compilations.

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NFD 'Requiems from the Abyss' deluxe 3CD box set

NFD Requiems From the Abyss 225px box set cover art GCRECSBX01

NFD 'Requiems From the Abyss'

3CD deluxe box-set with 5 art-cards, poster, 24p book. On sale now.

A two-CD anthology plus a third disc of unreleased demos, live bootlegs and extras.  Many tracks are alternative, unreleased versions* The deluxe box set includes: five art-cards, a poster, and a 24-page booklet with Mick Mercer notes.

NFD are a London & L.A.-based hybrid Goth/Rock band formed in 2002 out of the ashes of Nefilim and Sensorium. Peter ‘Bob’ White (Sensorium) & Simon Rippin (Sensorium/Nefilim) teamed up with founding Fields of the Nephilim member Tony Pettitt, and NFD were realised. Long serving and integral member Chris Milden maintains rhythm guitar duties while Luca Mazzucconi (drums) joined the ranks in 2009 to complete a formidable line up of some of the best musicians on the scene.

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Heartbreakers 'L.A.M.F. the FOUND '77 masters' 45th anni edition

TRACKLP77a cover 225pix with Obi Strip and LP

HEARTBREAKERS ‘L.A.M.F. the found ’77 masters’
‘Record Store Day Essential’* - Sold out

Forty-fifth anniversary edition of the classic 1977 punk album, now heard as intended (re-release Setember 2 2022, just prior to the exact anniversary of October 3 1977).  After decades of only outtakes, remixes and mud, the master was found in an attic.

In (really) glowing neon pink and white vinyl, with an obi-strip and inner bag with notes on the band and tapes by Simon Wright.  This new anniversary version follows the very limited RSD2021 LP.

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Hillbilly Moon Explosion - six vinyl LPs reissued

Hillbilly Moon Explosion catalogue advert

Vinyl & CDs direct from Jungle in the UK, here: - smarturl.it/HMEjungle

EU buyers pre-pay tax, here: - smarturl.it/HMEebay

USA buyers go to MVD, here: - mvdshop.com

See the band in 2022!  seven European countries: - hillbillymoon.com/live

Heartbreakers - 'the L.A.M.F. demo sessions'

FREUDLP135 cover LP Mockup 225pxFour Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers' demo sessions from 1976 & 1977, in limited transparent 180g magenta vinyl. 

Includes inner bag with a Walter Lure interview by Thunders’ biographer Nina Antonia in 2005 and a 12” poster insert of the Roberta Bayley L.A.M.F. cover outake photo.  First released on Record Store Day Black Friday, November 25 2022.  Available here.

Compiled together on one album for the first time, are four Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers' studio demo sessions - two from 1976 in New York and two from 1977 in London.  Previously they'd appeared mostly scattered over now-deleted box sets.

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Heartbreakers 'L.A.M.F. - the FOUND '77 masters'

TRACKLP77 LAMF 225pixRGBOn release in 1977, Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers' 'L.A.M.F.' had a mastering fault, widely condemned as a 'muddy mix'.  Track Records went bust and the master was lost - so subsequent releases were compiled from outtake or re-mixes.  Forty-four years later, the master has been found in an attic - and 'L.A.M.F.' can at last be heard as the band and producers intended!

FOUND IN AN ATTIC - a punk rock archaeological discovery: a copy master of the original 1977 Track Records tape, without 'mud'!  This classic punk album, recorded in London by the New York band featuring two New York Dolls, was always controversial - and not just for the acronym.  Upon release the mix was universally condemned in the music press - later found to be a mastering fault. 

When Track went bust the following year, manager Leee Black Childers burgled the Track Records' Carnaby Street 3rd floor office and liberated the tapes that belonged to him and the band.  He found everything - except for the master-tape.

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The March Violets 'Big Soul Kiss' - the BBC Recordings 2LP

FREUDLP132 RGB225pixLimited edition in violet vinyl double-LP - twenty-three tracks recorded for John Peel and other BBC programmes over six separate sessions - including nine unreleased songs.  That RSD release sold out; now there's a yellow vinyl version.

THE MARCH VIOLETS came out of Leeds in the early 80’s, initially as label-mates of Sisters of Mercy.  Releasing six singles, they were a constant presence at the heights of the UK indie charts, hitting the top two spots with Snakedance, Deep and Walk Into The Sun

They never got around to recording an album – their only '80's long-players, Natural History in the UK and Electric Shades in the USA, were compilations.  Eventually they signed to a major label and were groomed for a USA breakthrough, performing in the 1987 Some Kind of Wonderful movie. However soon they found they were asked to make too many compromises and split up.

A reformed line-up twenty years later led to new recordings on their own label and three tours of the USA in between gigging in the UK, showing the resilience of their music and strength of their fanbase.  ***Now reformed in 2023 for gigs and recording***

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The Waldos 'Rent Party' RSD21 LP, CD

FREUDLP114 RGB225pixWalter Lure, best known as co-frontman and songwriter of the Heartbreakers, also led his own band, The Waldos.  Their debut Rent Party LP has been reissued for Record Store Day as a limited edition in blue vinyl with two bonus tracks.  The CD, with four bonus tracks, is also reissued.

Sadly, Walter died in August 2020, the last of the ‘L.A.M.F.’ Heartbreakers. His memoir "To Hell And Back: My Life In Johnny Thunders’ Heartbreakers - In The Words Of The Last Man Standing" is published by Backbeat in various editions. Upon the original Rent Party release, AllMusic.com said - "The long awaited Waldos album proved to be a big success, at least artistically ... the Waldos tear through a set of tunes that are as much fun as a CD can have with its clothes on."

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Late 2020 and Record Store Day releases

What you may have missed - 2020 lockdown releases!  Click on the links for full details on each release:

Johnny Thunders 'Que Sera, Sera - Resurrrected' - revamped in a 3CD box set

Iggy and the Stooges 'From KO to Chaos' - complete Skydog in an 8-disc box set

and six new vinyl reissues; with two also on CD -

Broken Bones 'Dem Bones' - their classic 1984 debut on black & white 'quad' vinyl

Eddie & the Hot Rods 'Get Your Rocks Off' - a 2 LP from 1976 and before

Family Fodder 'Savoir Faire - the best of (Director's Cut)' - in translucent vinyl

Johnny Thunders & Wayne Kramer's Gang War - 2 LP with bonus tracks 

Geraint Watkins & the Dominators - the 1979 album on 2LP in red & blue vinyl

Iggy and the Stooges 'Metallic KO' - back on black vinyl, the first time in decades

Thunders/Kramer 'Gang War' reissued on CD, repackaged

Broken Bones 'Dem Bones' - on CD, plus the 'Decapitated' singles collection

Check links for full info or browse at the Jungle Direct Store

VLR 2020 10 advert pdf snapshot v2 600 

Shop at the Jungle Direct store

Johnny Thunders 'Que Sera, Sera - Resurrected' 3CD box

35th Anniversary 3CD Box Set.  Featuring the remixed album with extra tracks, a new live album, the original album, plus a 36-page booklet.  Coming September 11th

FREUDCD129 600pix RGB300dpi Mockup


The 1985 studio album – 'Resurrected' - revamped with two new tracks plus six bonus outtakes, all remixed by The Vibrators’ Pat Collier.
Disc 2 is ‘Que Sera Sera – live in Europe’ - 18 mostly unreleased recordings, 1984-85.
Disc 3 is the original album mix and related single tracks.
Packaged in a clam-shell box with a 36-page booklet featuring new notes by Johnny’s biographer Nina Antonia, plus lyrics and unseen photos

Order 3CD Box here

Listen on music services here


In 1985 Johnny Thunders went into the studio in London, to record his third and final solo album. He gathered friends Mike Monroe, Patti Palladin, John Perry, Wilko Johnson, Henri-Paul Tortosa, Nasty Suicide, JC Carroll, Stiv Bators, Glen Matlock and others, and the resulting album was christened ‘Que Sera, Sera’.

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Cuddly ToyZ 'Tracy - the Beginning' ft. Paddy Phield

Cuddly ToyZ cover 225pxCuddly ToyZ feat. Paddy Phield's new 'Tracy - the Beginning' CD now available here.

Paddy Phield, the original drummer of glam-punk band Cuddly Toys (1979-80) returned to Japan and formed ‘Cuddly ToyZ’ almost four years ago, as a one-off tribute for the 20th anniversary of former Cuddly Toys frontman Sean Purcell who died in 1996.  It was deemed to be very successful, so after the tribute show Paddy was encouraged to carry on Cuddly ToyZ, adopting a more theatrical direction.

They toured Japan with the UK theatrical rock band Doctors of Madness, and supported ex New York Dolls guitarist Sylvain Sylvain's new ‘Dolls’ band in Tokyo in 2018.  Tragically, the ToyZ guitarist Atsushi passed away from cancer a couple of months afterwards. 

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Sid Vicious 'Sid Lives' Black Friday RSD 2xLP limited edition

Sid Vicious 'Sid Lives' 2xLP Ltd Ed BFRSD

Sid Vicious 'Sid Lives' - a 2xLP of Sid's last ever four shows in a Black Friday Record Store Day limited tri-colour vinyl edition. Also on 2xCD with 24-page booklet.

With 39 tracks, mostly previously unreleased, it comes packaged with comprehensive 8,000-word notes in the gatefold sleeve. This tells the story of Sid: firstly in an eyewitness account from surviving guitarist Steve Dior; secondly in a lengthy SID, NANCY and SEX PISTOLS day-by-day timeline from pre-Pistols early days to his demise (and inevitable Nancy death theories); plus a song-by-song background. 

Buy the 2xLP here!   Buy the CD here.  Listen on:  Spotify  Apple  Amazon.

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'Johnny Thunders - In Cold Blood' & 'Sleeve Notes' ebooks

Johnny Thunders In Cold Blood book coverTwo e-books on Johnny Thunders are due on his birthday, July 15.
‘Johnny Thunders ... In Cold Blood’, the official biography by Nina Antonia is pre-selling as a new illustrated e-book edition.
And a new interactive e-book ‘Johnny Thunders Sleeve Notes’ to accompany the digital albums, with links to listen to each album, is published alongside it.


The official biography of the New York Dolls and Heartbreakers' guitarist. ‘Johnny Thunders: In Cold Blood’ is the cult bible of all things Thunders. It is the definitive portrait of the condemned man of rock'n'roll, from the baptism of fire and tragedy that was the New York Dolls, through the junkie punk years of the Heartbreakers and beyond. It is an unflinching account of a unique guitarist whose drug problems often overshadowed his considerable style and talent. Johnny was a hugely influential figure in both the glam-rock and punk eras and his music and style still resonates today.

Nina Antonia discovered Johnny Thunders and the New York Dolls when a young teenager and spent her formative years as a dedicated fan. Writing was her other passion and she commenced his biography in the early 80’s. Then Johnny came to London, he and his manager read her drafts, decided the book should be an authorised biography, and uniquely gave her full access to Johnny’s life.

The book covers Johnny from his early life through the New York Dolls, Heartbreakers and solo, with interviews of many of the characters involved in his career. It then changes tone and the story is continued in the present tense as Nina describes her first-person experiences of mixing with the real-life Johnny and his associates.

Johnny died in mysterious circumstances in New Orleans in 1991, leading to much speculation.

Johnny Thunders Sleeve Notes ebookFirst published in 1986, it was updated and revised in 2000 after Johnny’s death and with further insights gained from Nina's biography of the New York Dolls (Omnibus). ‘In Cold Blood’ has also been published in Italy and Japan.

This new e-book edition contains over 120 pics and illustrations, including unseen photos. Book length: over 80,000 words.

Browse 'Johnny Thunders - In Cold Blood' e-book here



Johnny Thunders sleeve notes by biographer Nina Antonia, with interactive links to listen to each album. An essential guide to the digital album versions and a vital companion to Nina’s biographies. It gives background info on albums by Johnny Thunders, The New York Dolls, The Heartbreakers and Gang War, plus bonus notes on Nico, originally published in the CD and LP releases.                        



Read more: Johnny Thunders - two e-books

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Hillbilly Moon Explosion 'The Sparky Sessions' LP, CD & digital album

HME Sparky Sessions FREUDLP131 cover 225px 300dpiThe Hillbilly Moon Explosion are a European band playing their own versatile vision of American rock'n'roll ‘with a lot of style and sass’ (LA Weekly) – recently performing it to Americans on tour. They’ve long held the USA in their hearts; way back in 2006 they travelled to San Diego to record an album ‘All Grown Up’ with producer Mark Neill (Black Keys).

Since then they’ve become a viral phenomenon, with their ‘My Love For Evermore’ song from ‘Buy Beg Or Steal’ attaining worldwide cult obsession status - inspiring myriad tattoos, cover versions, 7” pressings and sixteen million Youtube views.

That murder-ballad love song was their first duet with Mark ‘Sparky’ Phillips, the wayward singer from Welsh psychobilly band Demented Are Go. His well-worn vocals contrasted with the sultry Emanuela Hutter and made the pairing one that had to be repeated on their next two albums.

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Record Store Day vinyl 2019 - and 'The Sparky Sessions'

See other posts for the full details of these limited edition vinyl LPs

Vive La Rock A4 April 2019 jpeg 600 

* These vinyl now on sale at our Jungle direct store! *

Johnny Thunders 'Que Sera, Sera - Resurrected' 2xLP

FREUDLP129 RGB 300dpi 225pixJohnny Thunders' 1985 studio album – remixed and revamped with many unheard tracks.  Remixed by Pat Collier, it features two new tracks discovered on the album 2-inch tapes along with six unreleased outtakes.

The album features Wilko Johnson, Mike Monroe, John Perry, Patti Palladin, Henri-Paul Tortosa, Nasty Suicide, Stiv Bators, JC Carroll, Glen Matlock amongst others.  The bonus LP has one side of studio outakes and five live tracks on the other.

A Record Store Day release on April 13 2019, in a limited edition in purple and white vinyl.  It includes an insert with unseen pics, and the gatefold sleeve has comprehensive new background notes by Johnny Thunders biographer, Nina Antonia.

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Roland Alphonso, The Terrorists, The Offs - Max's SKAnsas City

FREUDLP122 RGB300dpi 225pixRecently unearthed ‘lost recordings’ from the early New York ska scene in 1980, in limited edition milky clear vinyl LP, CD and digital services. 

When the New York City ska scene germinated in parallel to the UK Two-Tone movement, the max’s kansas city club was at the heart of it.  The clubs pioneering record label, run by Max’s booker Peter Crowley, recorded a number of sessions in 1980, including with legendary Skatalites founder Roland Alphonso.  But only two 7” singles, by San Francisco’s The Offs and NYC’s The Terrorists, ever got issued prior to the label folding.
Subsequently the NY ska scene exploded, with many bands achieving great success.   Now these five studio recordings of Roland Alphonso's most well-known ska instrumentals and unissued sessions by The Terrorists and The Offs finally can be heard.

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Fallen Angels (Knox + Hanoi Rocks) 'Fallen Angels' limited 2LP vinyl

FALLLP061 Cover 225pxThe Vibrators’ KNOX with HANOI ROCKS – their 1984 rock collaboration, in a 35th Anniversary Issue Record Store Day 2xLP limited edition in ochre and blue vinyl.

The album comes with a bonus LP of singles & b-sides and has notes and band interviews by Carol Clerk in the gatefold sleeve, along with unseen photos.

The unique 1984 collaboration.  In 1984 Hanoi Rocks were signed to CBS, about to hit the charts, and found themselves with a few weeks off.   Meanwhile The Vibrators were also taking a break, and Knox had some great new songs sitting there waiting for fate to intervene.   It did, and they got together for this much-lauded, very enjoyable album.  

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Hillbilly Moon Explosion 'All Grown Up' vinyl LP

FREUDLP130 RGB300dpi 225pixRecord Store Day Limited Edition LP in transparent green khaki vinyl. 

Produced by Mark Neill (Black Keys) in San Diego, USA in 2006, it features many HME favourites incl. Little Lil, Brown Eyed Boy, Long Way Down, Tornado etc
• Unavailable on LP or CD for many years; selling expensively on Discogs

A limited edition in transparent green khaki vinyl. Since the recording in San Diego with producer Mark Neill (Black Keys) in 2006, HME have flourished as a hard-touring live act and reflected in Youtube viewer activity of many tens of millions. This album has not been available for years on either LP or CD; and the original vinyl sells for up to $150 on Discogs. 

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'Geraint Watkins & the Dominators'; 'Watkins Bold As Love'

FREUDCD126 RGB225pix 300dpiGeraint Watkins - ‘Geraint Watkins & the Dominators’ (1979), ‘Watkins Bold As Love’ (1997) - the first two, quite different albums of his lengthy career are reissued.

‘Geraint Watkins & The Dominators’ is issued on CD and digital for the very first time, together with bonus unreleased sessions.  It’s been repackaged with unseen pics and ‘the story of the album’ notes from Andy Fairweather Low.

‘Watkins Bold As Love’ is reissued on CD and for the first time on digital after being unavailable for fifteen years.  It’s also been repackaged.

Geraint Watkins, singer, songwriter, sideman is for most an undiscovered treasure.  Recently known for idiosyncratic live Facebook sessions, he’s however often heard on the radio and already features FREUDCD127 RGB225pix Whitein most record collections.

Geraint Watkins was born in South Wales in the 50’s, and after art school in Portsmouth he moved to London, gaining an apprenticeship in the 70’s pub rock scene.  Hearing a radio session, Andy Fairweather Low tracked Geraint down to produce an album. ‘Geraint Watkins & the Dominators’ was released on Vertigo in 1979, launching Geraint and the band as an accomplished group of intense rock’n’rollers.  All bar one track were covers, although the one Geraint composition ‘Deep in the Heart of Texas’ swiftly became a favourite and was itself often covered.

More tracks with original songs were then cut with an unrealised plan of a second album.  Later, famed producer Glyn Johns heard the band, also decided to champion them, and recorded ‘The Dominators’ for three weeks of sessions.  These comprise eight bonus tracks on the CD reissue, now heard for the first time.  The back-story to the album is told by Andy Fairweather Low in the sleeve-notes and narrated in a coming video.

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Record Store Day April 21 2018 - five LPs to get

See other posts to find full details of these limited edition vinyl LPs

Record Store Day April 2018.JPG


*Now selling leftover stock at our new Jungle direct sale store!*

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Carter USM '101 Damnations' limited edition vinyl LP

Carter USM 101 Damnations ABBLP101J 225pxCarter the Unstoppable Sex Machine '101 Damnations' - a Record Store Day limited edition LP with 'dalmatian-styled' black blobs on white vinyl.  It's also issued on CD with extra tracks.

This is their 1990 breakthrough debut album – the first time on vinyl since then. It went to #1 in the indie charts and then the UK top 30 on re-release, and features the top 40 chart hit Sheriff Fatman.  Their next four LPs were all UK Top 10, one at UK #1. 

Based in South London, England, Carter and Morrison originally were in an indie band called Jamie Wednesday, issuing two singles. Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine (later shortened to Carter USM) formed when Fruitbat and Jim Bob were the only band members to turn up for a gig, and went on stage as a duo with backing tapes.

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Urban Dogs 'Urban Dogs' expanded 2xLP album

Urban Dogs 2xLP cover FALLLP060

Urban Dogs 'Urban Dogs' 35th Anniversary Issue on limited red vinyl with bonus LP of mostly unheard tracks, for Record Store Day.

Urban Dogs is the 1983 punk rock collaboration between UK Subs’ CHARLIE HARPER and The Vibrators’ KNOX, together with the Subs’ Alvin Gibbs plus Matthew Best. The bonus album comprises a previously unreleased live gig alongside 3 7" b-sides.

This is the first time on vinyl since the original release. Now in a gatefold sleeve with the original artwork, a photo-collage by Knox in tribute to the Stones' Exile on Main Street cover. Following RSD it'll also be issued on CD for the first time since the 90's. 

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King Kurt 'Ooh Wallah Wallah' limited edition vinyl LP

King Kurt Ooh Wallah Wallah LPKing Kurt release a 35th anniversary edition of their debut 'Ooh Wallah Wallah' LP in transparent yellow vinyl for Record Store Day. It includes their chart hit Destination Zululand, and their original version of Mack The Knife.

King Kurt first appeared on Thin Sliced Records in 1982 with the ‘Zulu Beat’ 7” in twenty different vinyl editions.  They built up a following at riotous gigs, famously strewn with all sorts of muck thrown around, amongst also offering haircuts and drinking competitions – their mission was to have fun in dour times.

Signed to Stiff Records in 1983 they hit the Top 40 with ‘Destination Zululand’.  The album Ooh Wallah Wallah, was produced by Dave Edmunds at Rockfield and entered the UK top 100.  They followed up with Top 50 singles the re-recorded ‘Mack The Knife’ and ‘Banana Banana’

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The Eden House 'Live in Session' vinyl LP

Eden House 'Live in Session' LP CoverThe Eden House 'Live In Session' - a Record Store Day exclusive vinyl-only LP

Live sessions from 2017 & 2009 from the prog-goth, trip-rock musical collective. This is a Vinyl-only release: these exclusive sessions aren't available on CD or digital.

The Eden House are a post-goth musical collective who’ve issued three full-length albums and headlined festivals in the UK, Germany, Belgium and Poland.  Their sound is a dramatic amalgam of Pink Floydian guitars, big dubby bass, cinematic violins, sultry female vocals, with melodies welded in a haunting, modern trip-hoppy atmosphere, and startling, expanded codas.

Formed in 2008 by Stephen Carey with Tony Pettitt of Fields of the Nephilim, musicians include Simon Rippin ex-The Nefilim and Bob Loveday of Penguin Café Orchestra, Andy Jackson of Pink Floyd engineering fame, and often joined by other guests including an array of exceptional singers.  

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Flamin Groovies 'Grease' 2xLP limited edition vinyl

Flamin Groovies 'Grease' 2LP cover

Flamin' Groovies 'Grease' 2xLP, a limited edition in violet vinyl. Exclusive for Record Store Day, a remastered collection of the Skydog Records singles and EPs, 1973 -81.

One of America’s greatest, most influential, and legendary cult bands, who came out of the San Francisco area in 1965.  They were part of the flower-power scene but their music, 3-minute power-pop blasts, wasn’t.  Despite playing the wrong kind of music at the wrong time, and not looking the part by sporting British Invasion mop-top haircuts, they played great greasy, bluesy rock’n’roll music which has sustained a career for four decades.  Their 1968 self-produced ‘Supersnazz’ was snapped up by Epic, then the classic albums ‘Flamingo’ (’70), and ‘Teenage Head’ (’71) appeared on Kama Sutra.  

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Lure, Burke, Stinson & Kramer 'L.A.M.F. Live at the Bowery Electric'

FREUDCD124 LAMF Live at the Bowery Electric LP sleeve 225pxMembers of Blondie, Replacements, MC5 & Heartbreakers perform Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers' classic 1977 'L.A.M.F.' album.

Sole surviving Heartbreaker Walter Lure was joined by Blondie's Clem Burke, The Replacements' Tommy Stinson and MC5's Wayne Kramer over two nights at New York City’s ‘Bowery Electric’ club in November 2016, and captured for posterity.

Joining them on stage were guests Jesse Malin of D-Generate, Liza Colby and the Dead Boys' Cheetah Chrome. The DVD features bonus material of interviews with all four band-members along with Jesse Malin.


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Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers 'LAMF' Remastered

LAMF Remastered package photo1 cr 225pxJohnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers ‘L.A.M.F. – the lost ’77 mixes’ remastered 40th anniversary edition

The Heartbreakers – Johnny Thunders, Walter Lure, Billy Rath (replacing Richard Hell) and Jerry Nolan – were formed in 1975 out of the ashes of the New York Dolls.  In 1977 they were at the centre of the London punk scene, having been invited by the Sex Pistols onto the infamous 'Anarchy Tour'.  UK punks treated the US band as rock royalty because of their New York Dolls pedigree.  Pistols' manager Malcolm McLaren had briefly managed the Dolls in New York.

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The Eden House 'Songs for the Broken Ones'

The Eden House Songs for the Broken Ones cover 225px

The Eden House ‘Songs For The Broken Ones’ CD & 2LP

The Eden House are a musical collective, who over their previous two albums have collaborated with a wide variety of vocalists and musicians.

On much of their third full-length album, ‘Songs For The Broken Ones’, they’ve worked with Monica Richards.  An eco-activist veteran of the DC punk scene and sometime Conflict member, she's most known as half of Faith & The Muse.  One of her previous Eden House tracks features on the new Japanese ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ manga movie soundtrack.

Other lead vocalists featured are Lee Douglas of Anathema, Louise Crane, Meg Pettitt and Kelli Ali of Sneaker Pimps.  Musicians include Bob Loveday of Penguin Café Orchestra & Van Morrison Band and Simon Hinkler of The Mission.  

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Max's Kansas City 1976 & Beyond

Max's Kansas City 1976 & beyond CD coverMax's Kansas City 1976 & Beyond

The historic ‘Max’s Kansas City 1976’ LP from the pioneering NYC club is extended to a double-CD with forty tracks.  Also on a double-LP with a selection of twenty-five tracks.

Includes many exclusive, rare and collectable tracks, from one of the birthplaces of punk.  Features WAYNE COUNTY, SUICIDE, THE FAST, THE HEARTBREAKERS, STILLETTOS, NEW YORK DOLLS, CHERRY VANILLA, IGGY POP, NICO, SID VICIOUS & many many more.

On 2xCD with a 20-page booklet, and a limited edition 2xLP red vinyl Record Store Day edition in gatefold sleeve.


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'Sad Vacation: the Last Days of Sid & Nancy'

Sad Vacation - the Last Days of Sid & Nancy DVD cover'SAD VACATION: The Last Days of Sid & Nancy'
A film by Danny Garcia.  

Coming to select theatres, and to DVD on January 13 2017.

An up close and personal account of the tumultuous and stormy relationship between the Sex Pistols' Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen

SAD VACATION is the latest documentary film by Danny Garcia ('The Rise and Fall of The Clash'/'Looking for Johnny'), on the lives and deaths of punk icons Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen.  It features insider interviewees with first-hand accounts from the NYC Chelsea Hotel and more. With Sylvain Sylvain (New York Dolls), Walter Lure (Heartbreakers) and many others.


Get the DVD from our ebay store here.


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Iggy and the Stooges 'Telluric Chaos' LP

Iggy and the Stooges Telluric Chaos 2LP unwrappedIggy & The Stooges ‘Telluric Chaos’ 2xLP
Black Friday - Record Store Day

Double-LP gatefold in limited edition red & white & clear vinyl, with free poster.

Iggy & The Stooges re-united after 30 years, captured live in Tokyo in 2004 - the follow-up to the notorious 1976 ‘Metallic KO’ album from Skydog. Coincides with Jim Jarmusch’s Iggy & the Stooges documentary ‘Gimme Danger’.



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Family Fodder 'Foreverandever'

FREUDCD119 RGB225pix300dpi lower

Family Fodder ‘Foreverandever’ CD

An album of rare recordings documenting a turbulent affair.  Reassembled from unreleased and little heard tracks.
Featuring avant-vocalist Viv Corringham.

Family Fodder, best known for their string of idiosyncratic, playful post-punk singles such as Debbie Harry, Savoir Faire, Film Music and Playing Golf, have been active with a buzz of recent activity.

'Foreverandever' comprises recordings made a couple of decades ago for an album – which remained properly unreleased until now. 

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Family Fodder 'Sex Works' 7" EP

Family Fodder 'Sex Works' EP

Family Fodder ‘Sex Works’ 7” & digital EP

Four sex-themed songs – in a limited edition of 300 7" in yellow vinyl.

You Came (again) is from the forthcoming ‘lost’ album Foreverandever – a trove of 1990’s recordings that documented a turbulent affair.  

Nerd Sex is a new recording celebrating sex for obsessives, from the revived line-up that toured Europe in 2014 (with new singer Bee Ororo).

Fu<k You Till I’m Dead is the track deftly covered by US electro-band YACHT this year, causing worldwide headlines with a backfiring video stunt.  Here is a tweaked version of the original USA Dark Beloved Cloud 2003 CD-single, Tender Words.

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NFD 'Got Left Behind' new 7" and video

NFD 'Got Left Behind' 7" coverNFD ‘Got Left Behind’ 7” and video

New 7” and digital single from the ‘Waking The Dead’ album, with a limited edition transparent RED vinyl.  It’s an epic 6-minute song backed with the previously unreleased track, ‘Keep A Light Shining’.

The single features former Cradle Of Filth guitarist James McIlroy and Fields of the Nephilim’s Tony Pettitt.  An epic video filmed in L.A. is released simultaneously.

NFD are a London and now part LA and Italy-based hybrid Goth/Rock band led by singer, guitarist and songwriter Peter ‘Bob’ White.  The band consist of guitarist Chris Milden, Italian drum force Luca Mazzucconi who both also play in Lahannya, The Eden House & Fields of the Nephilim bassist Tony Pettitt and ex-Cradle Of Filth lead guitarist James McIlroy.

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Hillbilly Moon Explosion 'With Monsters and Gods'

Hillbilly Moon Explosion 'With Monsters & Gods' coverThe Hillbilly Moon Explosion ‘With Monsters and Gods’ LP & CD

‘With Monsters and Gods’ is The Hillbilly Moon Explosion’s sixth album, and certainly their best.  Who knew that rock’n’roll could still be so exhilarating … and musically diverse?

A half-English 4-piece hidden away in the unlikely habitat of Switzerland, they’ve honed their craft without distraction for many years.  Searching for the right sound they’ve previously recorded in San Diego, Camden and Tooting, but for this album they went back to the local Swiss studio where they made their early rockabilly albums, allowing more time to get it spot on.

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Iggy and the Stooges 'Metallic KO' LP

Iggy and the Stooges 'Metallic KO' LP gold sleeveIggy and the Stooges ‘Metallic K.O.’ - the original 1976 LP - the notorious ‘Last Ever Iggy & the Stooges Show’

40th Anniversary Limited Editions in Silver & Gold vinyl and sleeve versions, with poster.

‘Metallic K.O.’ is the remarkable album of Iggy & The Stooges confrontational ‘last ever gig’ (until their reunion almost 30 years later).  Effectively the fourth Stooges album with then brand new and unheard songs, it was released in 1976 three years after ‘Raw Power’ while Iggy was in limbo.  Soon after the gig Iggy checked into a mental hospital.


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Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers 'Vive La Revolution'

Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers 'Vive La Revolution'Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers ‘Vive La Revolution’ limited edition LP

Live 1977 at the PARIS BATACLAN, the final date of the Heartbreakers’ European year. The soundtrack to an unreleased film, recorded by Marc Zermati of Skydog Records.

The first time ever on vinyl! Limited edition of 1,500 worldwide in mustard vinyl for Record Store Day.

One year earlier, THE HEARTBREAKERS had arrived in London to join the Sex Pistols on the ‘Anarchy’ tour.  They spent most of 1977 there, recording ‘L.A.M.F.’ and cementing their status as elder statesmen of the punk movement. This last date of their European tour was to be their very last as a band – until the reunions of course. Drummer Jerry Nolan had already jumped ship; his substitute is The Clash’s Terry Chimes. The gig was filmed for a movie that was never to be – this is the soundtrack recording.

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Wayne County 'Max's Kansas City 1976' 7"

Wayne County & the Backstreet Boys 'Max's Kansas City 1976' 7" coverWAYNE COUNTY and the Backstreet Boys ‘Max’s Kansas City 1976’ 7”

Wayne County (later Jayne) with her 1976 roll-call of the famous NYC club. Reissued on limited white vinyl 7” to herald the ‘Max’s’ 40th anniversary album. Coincides with the recreation of the ‘Max’s’ club in Martin Scorcese & Mick Jagger’s coming ‘Vinyl’ HBO series.

In 1976 the New York City club ‘Max’s Kansas City’ entered a new musical phase, with the underground movement that became punk developing within its walls.  Resident DJ Wayne County wrote a song for the club cataloguing the new bands that regularly played there: New York Dolls, Patti Smith, The Ramones, Television, Blondie, Iggy Pop, the Heartbreakers and many more.

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Conflict 'There Must Be Another Way' (the singles) 2xLP

Conflict FREUDCD068 cover enlarged 225pxCONFLICT ‘There Must Be Another Way’ - the singles (2x vinyl LP)

All of Conflict’s studio singles on double vinyl LP for the first time. Comes with an A2 size, 2-sided poster insert with singles info & discography and gatefold sleeve with lyrics to all 24 tracks. Conflict are still active, playing huge festival gigs in 2015 in USA & around Europe.

Conflict have been described as the world’s foremost activist anarchist punk band. First heard on their mentors Crass’s label, their ‘To A Nation of Animal Lovers’ EP inspired anti-vivisection, anti-hunt campaigns.


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Hillbilly Moon Explosion 'My Love For Evermore' (LP, CD)

Hillbilly Moon Explosion 'My Love For Evermore' best of CD & LPThe HILLBILLY MOON EXPLOSION 'My Love For Evermore' 'best of' album

Limited French CD and 180g LP ‘best of’ album from the Anglo-Swiss hybrid rockabilly outfit.  The title-track is their Youtube and 7” hit, plus all the well-known 7” and videos plus 3 brand new tracks and a dub remix.  

'My Love For Evermore' is the Youtube and 7" hit (feat. Sparky of Demented Are Go), many millions of views and seven vinyl pressings.  Not mere rock’n’roll revivalists, Hillbilly Moon Explosion are inspired by 21st Century jazz, ska, swing, European balladry, and much more.  Most songs on this album have shown their popularity through hundreds of thousands of Youtube plays.  

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Family Fodder Frenzy

Alig Fodder with Electric Oud

FAMILY FODDER have various albums reissued on CD, LP and digital, coinciding with a cover version of one of their songs.

Family Fodder, best known for their string of idiosyncratic, playful experimental post-punk singles between 1979-82 such as Debbie Harry, Savoir Faire, Film Music and Playing Golf (all found on the 'More Great Hits' CD) have a torrent of activity in late 2015.

The early recordings are being given a respectful reissue treatment on both CD and LP by German label Staubgold. ‘Monkey Banana Kitchen’ came out with extras last year. Now in December comes ‘Sunday Girls (Director’s Cut)’, the original mini-album plus an obscurity released as ‘Frank Sumatra’ and various singles as extras.  

This comes after US band YACHT releases a souped-up electro-pop cover version of I Want To Fu<k You Til I’m Dead on Downtown Records on October 16, following in the footsteps of Unrest and Zion Train who’ve both also paid tribute to Family Fodder’s unique song-craft. YACHT are currently touring the US and then in November visit the UK, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Turkey on a European tour.

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Heartbreakers - Live at Max's Vols 1 & 2

Heartbreakers Live at Max's Vols 1&2 2LP mock-upHEARTBREAKERS Live at Max’s Kansas City, Vols 1 & 2 (2xLP)

A Record Store Day release on multi-coloured vinyl of the classic live album, with the rarely heard Volume 2 added for the first time on vinyl.

Johnny Thunders and Jerry Nolan formed the Heartbreakers out of the ashes of the New York Dolls in 1975.  Gaining infamy in London touring with the Sex Pistols on the Anarchy tour of ’76, they went on to produce just one album, the classic L.A.M.F. in 1977.

The Heartbreakers split up When Track Records folded early in 1978.  But in the fall of ’78, Johnny Thunders, Billy Rath and Walter Lure found themselves in New York and decided to do a couple of gigs for ‘old times sake’ and some ‘chump change’.

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Looking For Johnny - Original Soundtrack Album

Looking For Johnny - Original Soundtrack Album coverLOOKING FOR JOHNNY - the legend of Johnny Thunders: Original Soundtrack Album

Soundtrack album with rare and exclusive tracks released on double-CD, following a sold-out limited double-LP red vinyl RSD release

As a founding member of the hugely influential New York Dolls, and key player in the birth of punk rock with The Heartbreakers, Johnny Thunders influenced countless musicians and left behind an iconic legacy.

His unique musical style, personal battles with drugs, and mysterious death in 1991 are now the subject of ‘Looking For Johnny’, a feature length documentary by filmmaker Danny Garcia (‘The Rise and Fall of The Clash’), which opened to critical acclaim at a continuing series of screenings across the globe which commenced in the latter half of 2014.

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NFD 'Waking The Dead'

NFD 'Waking The Dead' coverNFD ‘Waking The Dead’

NFD release their full album follow-up to the 2013 mini-album ‘Reformations’.  It’s their first full-length album since 2006 and features amongst others Cradle Of Filth guitarist James McIlroy and Fields of the Nephilim’s Tony Pettitt.

NFD are a London and now part LA-based hybrid Goth/Rock band formed by singer, guitarist and songwriter Peter ‘Bob’ White just over 10 years ago out of the ashes of The Nefilim and Sensorium, by teaming up with Simon Rippin (Sensorium/Nefilim) and founding Fields of the Nephilim member Tony Pettitt.  

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