EU customers: VAT tax rules: ebay & Amazon calculate & collect VAT - so tax is included in the price. 

But on orders from our 'Jungle Direct' store, tax will be charged on arrival in your EU country.  Sorry!

We are getting a lot of returns from the EU - the tax collection may be unexpected, or messy.  Damn Brexit!

USA customers:  Due to post price increases, it may be cheaper to order from our USA stockists:

MVD SHOP (vinyl, new titles) and: COLLECTORS CHOICE (catalogue). 

Tracking is now on all LPs worldwide - codes are published where you purchase.  CDs are tracked for USA & UK only.  All overseas post is currently erratic, please be patient.

POSTAL STRIKES!  Royal Mail workers are in dispute and regularly striking. They also suffered a cyber-attack (Jan 2023) on overseas post so delays are not uncommon!   All LP packages are now tracked.


A choice of shopping outlets:


Our Jungle direct sales store has new releases, exclusives, pre-orders and Record Store Day vinyl leftovers. Ordering two or more items gets 10% off the total order - just enter 'MULTI' at check-out. New titles get added here first, so keep checking in: -

Jungle direct sale store


Our Ebay store is our most popular service. Most items list background info and tracks, it has a wide selection and - check our feedback - you have the ebay guarantee.  Bulk discounts on ebay: orders of £50+ get 10% off; £100+ get 15% off: -

Jungle ebay store


We have a Jungle Records Storefront at Amazon - a slightly different selection and bargains to be found.  (We all work for Jeff Bezos.)

Amazon.co.uk Marketplace

We also have Amazon Storefronts with limited selections at Amazon France, Amazon Spain and Amazon ItalyWe post internationally from all sites.  Avoid making Jeff Bezos richer if you can 


Elsewhere, most of our CDs are stocked at Amazon, all good retailers and in particular at the following indie stores:

UK: Resurrection Records (goth)

USA: Collectors Choice

USA: MVD  (recent vinyl & CDs direct from our US distributor)

Many of our worldwide distributors operate their own mail-order service - check our representative in your country in the 'Distributors' page. Sometimes they still have items that are out-of-stock with us.