HME Sparky Sessions FREUDLP131 cover 225px 300dpiThe Hillbilly Moon Explosion are a European band playing their own versatile vision of American rock'n'roll ‘with a lot of style and sass’ (LA Weekly) – recently performing it to Americans on tour. They’ve long held the USA in their hearts; way back in 2006 they travelled to San Diego to record an album ‘All Grown Up’ with producer Mark Neill (Black Keys).

Since then they’ve become a viral phenomenon, with their ‘My Love For Evermore’ song from ‘Buy Beg Or Steal’ attaining worldwide cult obsession status - inspiring myriad tattoos, cover versions, 7” pressings and sixteen million Youtube views.

That murder-ballad love song was their first duet with Mark ‘Sparky’ Phillips, the wayward singer from Welsh psychobilly band Demented Are Go. His well-worn vocals contrasted with the sultry Emanuela Hutter and made the pairing one that had to be repeated on their next two albums.

Now they release a complete album of duets with Sparky, tellingly titled ‘The Sparky Sessions’.  The album's new recordings include songs written by all of the lead singers, as well as 60's covers such as 'Can't Keep My Eyes On You', 'Baby I Love You', and British rock’n’roller Crazy Cavan's 'Teddy Boy Flick Knife Rock'n'Roll'.  Previous Sparky duets from their past three albums also feature, including 'Jackson' (now reissued on 7" yellow slime vinyl) and the aforementioned 'My Love For Evermore'. A brand new video was published two weeks ago, of Queen of Hearts’.

The Hillbilly Moon Explosion are comprised of two Englishmen abroad – Oliver Baroni, double bass & vocals, and Duncan James, guitar; a French drummer Sylvain Petite, and their captivating Italian/Swiss chanteuse, Emanuela Hutter. Their home base is Zurich in Switzerland.

The band’s eclectic blend of musical styles – boldly mixing in elements of swing, ska, garage, psychedelia, country and Europop without compromising their rockabilly roots – make their rock’n’roll exciting and enduring. ‘The Sparky Sessions’ is their seventh album; they’ve played live in almost all European countries as well as Africa and the USA, and are continually expanding their audience worldwide.

Tracks: Broken Love, Queen of Hearts, Stumble Through the Darkness, Obsession, Baby I Love You, Teddy Boy Flick Knife RocknRoll, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Northern Crown, Jackson, Black Ghost, My Love For Evermore.

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