The Eden House Half Life cover 225pxThe Eden House 'Half Life' CD & 180g LP

The long-awaited new album from this gothic-prog rock band. 

Features an array of guests, including vocalists Lee Douglas (Anathema) and Monica Richards (Faith & the Muse), guitarists Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music) and Simon Hinkler (The Mission).

The London-based gothic/prog rock/trip-hop band The Eden House release a new single and album on CD, 180g vinyl LP and download, four years after their acclaimed debut album ‘Smoke & Mirrors’.  


Hillbilly Moon Explosion Damn Right Honey cover 225pxThe Hillbilly Moon Explosion

‘Damn Right Honey!’ LP & CD

Damn Right Honey!’ follows up the 2011 ‘Buy Beg Or Steal’ album that spawned the viral and vinyl hit murder ballad duet with Sparky Phillips,My Love For Evermore’. 

Based around ex-patriot Englishmen Oliver Baroni and Duncan James with chanteuse Emanuela Hutter, they’ve long been showing Zurich how to rock’n’roll.  Now having conquered both their domestic residence and neighbouring France, as part of a 10-nation European tour they returned to the UK in May and visit again in August 2013:

9. London Camden Underworld; 10. Cardiff Bogies; 11. Blackpool Rebellion Festival.

Gerainr Watkins mosquito vol 2 225pxGeraint Watkins 'Mosquito vol. 2' EP

Four more brand new recordings on 10" vinyl and digital EP from the esteemed Welsh singer-songwriter.

As seen in 2012-13 on world tour support to Nick Lowe, and in Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings.

Geraint Watkins releases a second 10" vinyl and digital EP of brand new songs, 'Mosquito Vol. 2 – at the gates of dawn'. Produced by Neil Brockbank (Nick Lowe), and recorded at Goldtop Studio in London, it follows 'Mosquito Vol. 1', building up to a new album due soon.


Eden House Bad Men single cover 200dpi 225pxThe Eden House ‘Bad Men (OnTheirWayToDoBadThings)’

New CD-single, featuring guest vocalist Monica Richards (Faith & The Muse) and guest guitarists Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music), and Simon Hinkler (The Mission). New album ‘Half Life’ follows in May, along with live dates.

The London-based gothic/prog rock/trip-hop band The Eden House are to release a new single and album, four years after their acclaimed debut album ‘Smoke & Mirrors’.  

The Eden House is a collaborative project known for featuring an eclectic selection of guest artists, each adding their diverse talents to the music. 

LAMF box photo low res square 225Heartbreakers‘L.A.M.F. – definitive edition’ box set

A 4-CD clam-shell box set with a 44-page booklet and 4 badges.
Includes the original 1977 Track LP restored, with the infamous ‘mud’ removed, plus 13 early demo tracks, including previously unreleased tracks with Richard Hell, and 21 alternative mixes from the epic 1977 mixing sessions at five London studios.

The Heartbreakers (Johnny Thunders, Walter Lure, Billy Rath & Jerry Nolan) were at the centre of the London punk scene in 1977, having been invited by the Sex Pistols onto the infamous ‘Anarchy Tour’.  UK punks treated the US band as rock royalty because of their New York Dolls pedigree.  Malcolm McLaren had briefly managed the Dolls in NY.

Geraint Watkins Mosquito Vol1 AU79EP007 RGB1400 ver2 225pxGeraint Watkins 'Mosquito vol. 1' EP

Four brand new recordings on 10” vinyl and digital EP from the esteemed Welsh singer-songwriter.  As seen in 2012 on world tour support to Nick Lowe, and in Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings.

Geraint Watkins releases a brand new 10” vinyl and digital EP, ‘Mosquito Vol. 1’.  Produced by Neil Brockbank (Nick Lowe), and recorded at Goldtop Studio in London, it will be followed by ‘Mosquito Vol. 2’ and then a new album in Spring 2013.



Hillbilly Moon Raw Deal cover FREUDCD109 225pxThe Hillbilly Moon Explosion 'Raw Deal' LP and CD

·    A viral and vinyl hit single!
·    A London Olympics opening event!
·    More UK gigs, from sublime to anarchic!
·    Retrospective compilation LP and CD to coincide.

Hillbilly Moon Explosion’s wide appeal is best demonstrated in that uniquely they are to play both the Jazz Café and the hardcore Rebellion Punk Festival in the same week.  And just prior to those dates, there’s the little matter of representing Switzerland at their London Olympics opening event…

Broken Bones Dem Bones LP cover 225pxBROKEN BONES ‘Dem Bones’ vinyl LP gatefold

Re-issue of classic, 1984 debut studio LP by the ex-Discharge speed-metal punk band, packaged in original gatefold sleeve artwork with lyrics.  Unavailable on vinyl for over a decade!  New DMM cut.

Broken Bones formed in 1983 by members of leading hard-core punk band, Discharge.  The ‘Dem Bones’ LP was first released on Fall Out Records in 1984, produced by Clay Records’ Mike Stone who had also produced Discharge. 

Broken Bones added a metallic crunch to their sound without ever sacrificing any of the power and aggression, influencing many bands to come.  From the ‘Potteries’ area, Stoke-On-Trent, they issued two 7”, Decapitated and Crucifix prior to the album, and later Seeing Thru My Eyes, all fast and furious anthems and UK indie chart Top 10 entries. 

Fallen Angels In Loving Memory 2xCD cover 225px

FALLEN ANGELS 'In Loving Memory' & 'Wheel Of Fortune'

Knox of The Vibrators’ side-project: two albums first time on CD, in a two-CD set.   With nine bonus tracks and 12-page booklet.  Features Hanoi Rocks members Andy McCoy and Nasty Suicide.

In 1984, Knox found he had some spare time away from The Vibrators and a bunch of new songs.  He teamed up with Hanoi Rocks who were also kicking their heels to form ‘Fallen Angels’ and recorded an eponymous album.

The project continued for a further two albums, now issued on CD for the first time.  With Hanoi Rocks busy, in 1986 he formed a regular line-up with guitarist Matt Kellet, Vibrators bassist Mark Duncan and drummer Richard Wernham (aka Ricky Slaughter of The Motors). 

Jungle 30 LOGO 400x400 medium 225px

More decades than we can remember!

Jungle is celebrating this milestone.  How did that happen?  As an aide memoire, we've inserted a few highlights and amusements to our Timeline on our Facebook page.  And added a new music page. 

So come over there and slap our backs, give us 'spect, high fives, loves and more appropriately, likes.

When we started out, both CDs and cyberspace were pure science fiction.  Here comes the next 30!




The Eden House Timeflows cover 225px THE EDEN HOUSE 'Timeflows' mini-album LP and CD

A new mini-album is released on February 27 2012 on cardpak CD and 180g LP from this acclaimed gothic / ethereal rock band.  The Eden House are based around the nucleus of former Adoration/NFD/This Burning Effigy guitarist Steve Carey, ex Fields of the Nephilim bassist Tony Pettitt, and twice Grammy-nominated Pink Floyd sound architect, guitarist Andy Jackson

This release also features The Mission guitarist Simon Hinkler guesting on lead track ‘Neversea’, alongside vocalists Valenteen, Amandine Ferrari and Meghan-Noel Evans.  The band will be gigging in both UK and Europe to support.


Anne Marie Hurst cover 225pxAnne Marie Hurst 'Day Of All Days'

Former SKELETAL FAMILY / GHOST DANCE vocalist Anne Marie Hurst releases her debut album ‘Day Of All Days’ after a 20 year hiatus.  Backed by original Skeletal Family members plus special guests PAUL WELLER and OCEAN COLOUR SCENE’s Steve Cradock.

Anne Marie has teamed up with Skeletal Family founder members Stan Greenwood (guitar) and Roger “Trotwood” Nowell (Bass) to create ‘Day Of All Days’.  It was written and recorded over the last two years at both Paul Weller's Black Barn Studio and Vale Studios, Worcester and mixed by Steve Carey of The Eden House.

In the 80’s Skeletal Family regularly topped the UK indie charts and toured with the likes of Sisters Of Mercy and Siouxsie & the Banshees.  Following two albums they split, and Anne Marie formed Ghost Dance, signed to Chrysalis for a national chart album and toured with The Ramones. 

Bone Orchard cover FREUDCD093 300 225px

BONE ORCHARD ‘Stuffed To The Gills & Other Fishy Tales’ CD+DVD

The first time on CD for this cult Post-punk / Gothic / Psychobilly-jazz blues 80’s band from Brighton.  A comprehensive 17-track anthology of the best of their series of Jungle releases, PLUS a DVD with seven video promo clips + seven archive live performance tracks, & 12-page booklet with 1,000-word history by Grave Jibes webzine editor, lyrics and photos.

Bone Orchard grew out of an alternative Brighton nightclub run by singer Chrissy McGee in 1983.  Their first 4-track demo led to a John Peel session, which quickly led to a record deal with Jungle (and a publishing deal with Mute/Sonet).  


This Autumn, the two surviving members of (Johnny Thunders &) The Heartbreakers return to the UK, some 35 years after they first arrived from the USA for the ‘Anarchy Tour’ with the Sex Pistols, Damned & Clash.

WALTER LURE, guitarist, co-frontman and songwriter of many of the ‘L.A.M.F.’ classic tracks, and BILLY RATH, the bass-player who’s reappeared after over 25 years out of the music scene, have both announced UK tour dates.

But although they’ve played together recently in the USA, their UK dates have been booked separately – coincidentally over consecutive weeks!  

HME LP vinyl cover small 225pxHillbilly Moon Explosion - Buy Beg or Steal

·    Two million Youtube views for ‘My Love For Evermore’!
·    Six 7” single pressings of ‘My Love For Evermore’!
·    Gigging extensively around Europe and the UK.

The Anglo/ European ‘neobilly’ Youtube sensations return to the UK for a brief series of gigs in February.

It’s their first visit since their ‘Buy Beg or Steal’ album and ‘My Love For Evermore’ single featuring Sparky Phillips (Demented Are Go).  The video is a Youtube hit with well over half a million views to date, and the 7” now has a fifth, green vinyl pressing. 

Tyla Gang Rewired cover 225pxTyla Gang - ‘Rewired’

New album from the unreleased 3rd album and other 1977 & 1978 studio sessions, plus bonus live album.  Reformed after 32 years, and touring Europe, coinciding with Sean Tyla's autobiography!

In 1977 former Ducks Deluxe front-man Sean Tyla’s new project The Tyla Gang was the second artist signed to the newly-formed Stiff Records, with the 7” single ‘Styrofoam’.  Then came the ‘Suicide Jockey’ 7” on Skydog.  Next it was to new US-based label Beserkely Records, home to The Modern Lovers, who issued two albums: ‘Yachtless’ (1977) and ‘Moonproof’ (1978). 


Ducks Deluxe Side Tracks Smokers cover 225pxDucks Deluxe - ‘Side Tracks & Smokers’

New album collecting both early (1973/4) and new (2009) previously unreleased DUCKS DELUXE recordings.

Ducks Deluxe were prime movers in the UK pub-rock scene from 1972-1975, alongside others such as Brinsley Schwartz, Ace and later Dr. Feelgood, etc. 

Led by vocalist Sean Tyla and guitarist Martin Belmont, they got a strong live following playing well-honed good-time rock’n’roll, and issued two albums on RCA as well as releases on French indie pioneer Skydog Records.


Boyd Wain No Fairytale cover 225pxBOYD & WAIN - Ain’t No Fairy Tale

Debut album from modern folk singer-songwriter Katy Boyd & violinist Benny Wain, produced by Neil Brockbank (Nick Lowe) at Goldtop Studio

Boyd and Wain are an award winning Anglo American Americana/Folk duo. Their music is pure roots and rhythm and the songs are compelling, home grown tales of every day life… Katy pokes fun as easily as she tells a story of unfulfilled dreams. The sound is honest and original, the vocals are passionate and Benny’s fiddlin’ is just plain brilliant. 

In a previous life, Katy Boyd won the prestigious USA West Coast Songwriter’s Association’s annual contest.  She ran off to England for adventure, and stayed. Benny Wain has been playing fiddle in festivals, pubs and concert halls since the age of 12, sharing stages with the Oyster Band, Shane McGowan, the Dubliners and Davey Arthur. 


SID VICIOUS Sid Lives cover 225px

Sid Vicious 'Sid Lives' 2xCD and 2xLP

This Sid Vicious timeline history (see below), from his beginnings to the Sex Pistols and beyond, is taken from the 'Sid Lives' CD's 24-page booklet and LP gatefold sleeve of the double-album. 

It's the full recordings of four of Sid's last performances from Max's Kansas City, September 1978, with guitarist Steve Dior and the New York Dolls rhythm section, Arthur Kane and Jerry Nolan.

It includes Steve Dior's fascinating recollections of life with Sid, and the background to each song, only available in hardcopy in the 2xCD booklet and the vinyl 2xLP sleeve.

Listen to 'Sid Lives' - on Spotify, Apple & iTunes or Amazon

Buy the 2xCD hereBuy the limited 2xLP here (while stocks last)

20191017 132423 cr550px

'Sad Vacation - the last days of Sid & Nancy' is a film by director Danny Garcia (The Clash, Johnny Thunders).  It's an up close and personal account of their tumultuous and stormy relationship.  Buy the DVD on ebay.

King Kurt Ooh Wallah cover w side panel small 225px

King Kurt

'Ooh Wallah Wallah' CD + DVD

King Kurt release for the first time on CD, their debut, break-through Stiff Records album ‘OOH WALLAH WALLAH’. 

It comes with seven extra tracks, being all the early singles, including their chart entries Destination Zululand, Mack The Knife and Banana Banana; plus a DVD – featuring all the video promos, documentaries and much more.

  In 1983 King Kurt hit the Top 40 with ‘Destination Zululand’ on Stiff Records.  They’d already built up a frenzied following at their riotous gigs, famously strewn with all sorts of muck thrown both at and from the audience whilst also offering haircuts and drinking competitions!  

The Eden House The Looking Glass Cover 225px

The Eden House 'The Looking Glass' DVD + CD.

The Eden House have a new release 'The Looking Glass', coinciding with a European tour.  It's a 2-disc set: a DVD with 9 songs filmed at Goldtop studio, plus a CD with five new recordings of interesting covers. 

As on their debut album 'Smoke & Mirrors', it features a number of female singers: Julianne Regan, Evi Vine and Amandine Ferrari, plus new guest vocalist: Tallulah Rendell

This is the first release to feature Andy Jackson on guitar (he's Pink Floyd's twice Grammy nominated recording engineer), alongside Bob Loveday on violin (of Van Morrison and Bob Geldof's bands), Simon Rippin on drums (ex NFD and Nefilim), and the core duo of guitarist Steve Carey (Adoration/This Burning Effigy) and bassist Tony Pettitt (Fields of the Nephilim).

Martin Belmont Guest List cover 225px

Martin Belmont - The Guest List

Guitarist Martin Belmont is reunited with many of the singers he’s played with: - all new recordings with Paul Carrack, Nick Lowe, Carlene Carter, Graham Parker, Sean Tyla, Geraint Watkins, Hank Wangford, Johnny Nicky, Barbara Marsh & Reg Meuross.

  Martin Belmont’s long and varied career has found him playing with many outstanding artists.  After an initiation as roadie for Brinsley Schwartz, in 1972 he formed Ducks Deluxe, issuing two albums on RCA.  In 1975 he formed Graham Parker and the Rumour who were much-feted over their 5 years and six albums.  Then he spent two years from 1980 as guitarist for Carlene Carter, succeeded by five years with Nick Lowe’s Cowboy Outfit, in both line-ups playing alongside Paul Carrack.

Geraint Watkins 'In A Bad Mood' DeluxeGeraint Watkins 'In A Bad Mood' - deluxe edition

Geraint Watkins has released a deluxe, expanded version of his ‘In A Bad Mood’ album.  It follows the numerous radio sessions and appearance on BBC TV’s ‘Later… with Jools Holland’ that greeted the release of the original version late last year.  It features five new recordings. 

‘We’ve Only Just Begun’ is The Carpenters classic with an orchestral arrangement by Kate St. John; ‘Wonderful Life’ is an early and unavailable Geraint song given a new styling; ‘Bouffant’ is a brand new song from the Watkins lab.  Nick Lowe has been covering ‘Only A Rose’ as a duet with Geraint in his live shows – this version was recorded in Zurich last year.  The album now finishes with ‘Soldier Of Love’, the much-covered Watkins classic, here in a touching solo piano version.

Park Lane Archives cover

Park Lane Archives

From the vaults of the legendary Glasgow studio - exclusive, previously unreleased rarities from TEXAS, DEL AMITRI, PRIMAL SCREAM, BLUEBELLS, DEACON BLUE, ALTERED IMAGES, GUN, HIPSWAY, LOVE & MONEY and many more!

PARK LANE STUDIO in Glasgow was host to many young bands from 1980 onwards, often making their first recordings and still seeking a record deal.  Some became very successful, and a vibrant scene soon developed centred around the studio. 

Now the studio archives have been prised open, and a treasure trove of fascinating and unreleased tapes discovered!