Boyd Wain No Fairytale cover 225pxBOYD & WAIN - Ain’t No Fairy Tale

Debut album from modern folk singer-songwriter Katy Boyd & violinist Benny Wain, produced by Neil Brockbank (Nick Lowe) at Goldtop Studio

Boyd and Wain are an award winning Anglo American Americana/Folk duo. Their music is pure roots and rhythm and the songs are compelling, home grown tales of every day life… Katy pokes fun as easily as she tells a story of unfulfilled dreams. The sound is honest and original, the vocals are passionate and Benny’s fiddlin’ is just plain brilliant. 

In a previous life, Katy Boyd won the prestigious USA West Coast Songwriter’s Association’s annual contest.  She ran off to England for adventure, and stayed. Benny Wain has been playing fiddle in festivals, pubs and concert halls since the age of 12, sharing stages with the Oyster Band, Shane McGowan, the Dubliners and Davey Arthur. 


They are playing major festivals all over the UK and have just finished a 2 month tour of the US. Last year they won the notable Trowbridge Village Pump Festival Unsigned Artist Competition.

‘Ain’t No Fairy Tale’ is a fine collection of songs with a touch of humour. "Doctor Doctor" is one of the stand out tracks having a dig at celebs, and the alternative what to do with Prince Charming will surely make you smile with the song "Cinderella".

What the press say:

“Very, very witty lyrics… these songs are filled with wonderful stories about people, and biting observations on society.  And lovely tunes, ‘Gravity’- there’s just something about it, it’s just such a nice catchy tune”David White, BBC Radio

‘Doctor Doctor’ is a clever number that pokes fun at Sarah Palin, Paris Hilton and the media.  ‘Cinderella’ punctures the Prince Charming myth.  Amid compelling storytelling, Boyd invests very personal sentiments in her songs.”Palo Alto Daily News

“Americana music that's not just catchy, but meaningful”Paul Freeman, San Jose Mercury News
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