Heartbreakers Live at Max's Vols 1&2 2LP mock-upHEARTBREAKERS Live at Max’s Kansas City, Vols 1 & 2 (2xLP)

A Record Store Day release on multi-coloured vinyl of the classic live album, with the rarely heard Volume 2 added for the first time on vinyl.

Johnny Thunders and Jerry Nolan formed the Heartbreakers out of the ashes of the New York Dolls in 1975.  Gaining infamy in London touring with the Sex Pistols on the Anarchy tour of ’76, they went on to produce just one album, the classic L.A.M.F. in 1977.

The Heartbreakers split up When Track Records folded early in 1978.  But in the fall of ’78, Johnny Thunders, Billy Rath and Walter Lure found themselves in New York and decided to do a couple of gigs for ‘old times sake’ and some ‘chump change’.

Jerry had moved on to play with The Idols and Sid Vicious, so they got together with drummer Ty Styx for some farewell gigs at Max’s Kansas City.  The resulting album was issued in 1979 on Max’s Kansas City Records in the US and Beggars Banquet in the UK.

It sold well, so Max’s Tommy Dean and Peter Crowley decided to record a Volume 2. A long weekend of shows was booked, this time with original drummer Jerry Nolan, but ‘chemical imbalances’ ruined all but half of the last show.  Beggars turned down the tapes, and Volume 2 remained unreleased, appearing only briefly on CD in the mid-90’s.  

Now for the first time, both volumes are brought together on double-vinyl, in a Record Store Day release of limited, spattered red, yellow & black double vinyl.  The audio has been repaired and remastered by Peter Crowley. 

Disc 1 is the original 1978 live album and Disc 2 is Volume 2 recorded 1979 but unreleased until 1995 and never before on vinyl.  The album comes in a gatefold sleeve with the original artwork, together with an insert with notes by Johnny Thunders’ biographer Nina Antonia.

VOLUME 1:  Side One  Intro, Milk Me, Chinese Rocks, Get Off The Phone, London, Take A Chance, One Track Mind.  Side Two  All By Myself, Let Go, I Love You, Can’t Keep My Eyes On You, I Wanna Be Loved, Do You Love Me.   
VOLUME 2:  Side Three  All By Myself, Pirate Love, Too Much Junkie Business.   Side Four  Don’t Mess With Cupid, So Alone.

Cat.No: FREUDLP117      Code: 5013145211731     RSD: April 18 2015


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